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Adult Sunday School

Sunday mornings at our church are a time to learn more from and about the Bible.


The Together in Christ Adult class led by Carol Doron, Pat Sheaffer, and Ruth Anne Detwiler will be in the Parlor at 9:00am.

An Adult Class led by Meg Rambo will be in the Conference Room at 9:00am.


Fellowship time


The Berean Forum Adult Class led by Karry Corbitt will be in the Parlor at 10:30am.

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Life Groups

Doing Life Together

What is a life group or small group? Why are they important in my life and the life of this church?

People can easily feel a bit disconnected from a church. They can attend worship services, be part of a crowd, but never really get involved, make friends, develop their spiritual gifts or be accountable in a practical way.

Being part of a small group or life group provides the opportunity to fulfil these important elements of a Christian life. Meeting regularly – usually twice a month – with a more intimate group who learn, love, grow and share together builds each of us up. And that then builds up the entire body of the church.

A number of life groups already exist and we are also actively forming new ones. We have life groups for men, life groups for women and life groups for men and women. We have life groups meeting at different times and in different South Jersey towns.

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Questions about any of our groups?

If you have questions about any of our groups, please feel free to contact Pastor Matt Peace (610-564-9696)