How To Join Our Church

The decision to join a church is a very important one. We respect the importance of that decision and want to be helpful in any way. We would be excited to welcome you into our fellowship as a member. We trust that God’s Spirit will guide you to relate to our church in whatever way is right for you at this time.

Journey Classes

Several times each year we have Journey classes that helps us to reflect on our personal journey with Christ, understand our vision and mission, how we can use our time, talents, and treasure for the Lord. We also share about our core values and the core values and ministry of the United Methodist Church around the world. Each class has 3 goals, to be inspirational and informative and instructional. Everyone is welcome to attend the class just to gather information.

Full Membership

Full Membership is for those who have been baptized and made confession of faith in Jesus Christ and wish to unite fully with this congregation. You may become a full member by confession of faith, restoration of membership, or transfer of membershipFull membership enables you to participate fully in our church and qualifies you for any office held by a lay person in our local congregation.

Confession of Faith - is acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the acknowledgment of your faith before members of this congregation. If you have never been baptized, your confession of faith will include baptism. United Methodists baptize persons by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion. If you have been baptized, your baptism, by whatever mode, will be accepted and affirmed by our church.

Restoration of membership - occurs when your membership in this or another church (within any Christian denomination) has lapsed, been lost, or terminated. In order to have your membership restored, you must make a re-commitment of your life to Christ and his Church.

Transfer of Membership - is moving your official church membership from another congregation to our church. We accept transfers of membership from all Christian denominations. In order to transfer your membership to our church, we need the name and address of the church from which your membership will be transferred.

Our pastor is also available for personal conferences with you if you if you have questions or wish to discuss church membership. If you join as a full member of our church, we will ask you to affirm your faith and your commitment to support the United Methodist Church by your prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

You are invited to talk to our pastor or leadership if you have any questions about church membership.