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Strong Faith in Uncertain Times

Life sometimes leads us in places we are not comfortable or quite sure about. As we read the local news, watching the things happening in our local government and schools and colleges provide some great but also some distressing realities. We see the same challenges in world news daily, Isis and terrorism, hurricanes, morality, financial ups and downs. Life can be sometimes difficult to journey through. This past summer we have been journeying through the life of a man named Habakkuk, 2600 years ago both he and Israel had some pretty challenging times. We watched a man that moved from fear to faith.

Habakkuk had to come to a a place where he had to as Pastor Leon reminded us to … 1) Be honest with God. 2) Stay faithful to God. 3) Remain watchful for God in all circumstances.
I believe just like Habakkuk sometimes we get into life challenges we are not sure what to do. This past June after thinking I had the flu that many caught while down in Wildwood at the Methodist Conference convention only to discover I had a kidney stone. This was my first experience with a kidney stone. While waiting almost two hours in the waiting room in the heat of the battle I discovered myself praying “Lord please take my stone or take me home”.
It reminds of a little boy excitedly told his mom that he had just MEASURED HIMSELF and he was six feet tall! Mom was a little skeptical, so she asked him to measure himself again while she watched. She discovered the problem when the boy took out not a 12-inch, but a 6-inch ruler. He had calculated well: he was six-ruler-heights tall – he just had the different ruler, the different standard. As Isaiah experienced Gods leading in his life the Lord said to him “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. (Isaiah 55:8) God was saying to him with me there is a different standard, just trust me.

Habakkuk got to the place of trusting God when at the end of his little book he writes. “The Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like deer’s feet. And makes me walk on My High Places(Habakkuk 3:19)”. See Habukkukk discovered that God’s way of doing things may differ from his way, because trusting in God in spite of my circumstances makes all the difference. The question for us as we journey through the life is are we trying to work out our circumstances or looking to God? May we experience God’s leading as Habakkuk did!

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  1. Bob Alber says:

    Great message here, and also from Leon. Times are tough, our faith must grow in these difficult times. Measuring the growth comes as He leads us through the adversity.
    Thanks Sam…miss you all!