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One of My Favorite Months of the Year…

May is one my favorite months of the year. As I was looking at my calendar for May 2016,  I noticed there are at least three special days that we love to remember and celebrate during this month. Of course there is Mother’s Day, as we honor our Moms in many different ways. My favorite way is take mom to the Phillies game. Then there is Memorial Day when we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to serve our country. The third day we remember is Pentecost which is the Birthday of the church. A time when after remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus now brings a celebration of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to us.

When you think about it, this is one of the least celebrated special days in our society today. However, the implications are without limits, as the Holy Spirit can reside within us to empower us, comfort us and guide us to live out the Christian life in a spirit-led adventure. Now that’s worth celebrating!

We see this in Acts chapter 2 when Peter who once wavered in his faith became a man that the Lord guided in some powerful ways. He went from living a tenuous life to a person fully committed to God after encountering the Holy Spirit in his life. He went from lacking full trust before his encounter with Jesus to bold faith after His encounter with God’s Holy Spirit within Him. As we celebrate Pentecost this year 2016, we too can experience the same presence of God to live a life of spiritual power and inner peace. I always look forward to study and share about the Holy Spirit especially at Pentecost!

In preparing for this journey I have been recently rereading a book entitled “The Hole In Our Holiness” by Kevin DeYoung. The hole in our holiness is that some people look at holiness all too often as the jimmies on an ice cream cone or extra toppings on our pizza. Or the optional things we can choose from like when we are buying a new car with many bells and whistles, while others look at holiness as some “unattainable other” that can never be experienced by real people. Throughout time the call to “be Holy for I am Holy” says the Lord is pretty clear! So how do we connect with a Holy God in a broken and fragmented world today?

Isaiah, a mighty follower of God, in the beginning of his ministry connected with God.
In fact he said “I saw the Lord”, at that moment he saw the amazing power of God, then himself in a new way. God cared for his soul, and then Isaiah responded to God to use his life. This all took place during one of those difficult times for both Isaiah and the people of his times, but the Lord took care of Isaiah and the people. Isaiah chose to live a holy life 2900 years ago in response to seeing the Lord. My prayer is that we would too as we journey together! Would you join me in the days ahead? There are many places we find in God’s Word that the Lord is calling us to a deeper loving relationship with Him and others.

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