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Scholarship Applications – 2019

Student Scholarship Applications for 2019-2020 Academic Year

All applicants must submit a completed application, written essay, and two references.

Please mark clearly on your application which scholarship(s) you are applying for. One reference must come from a Christian leader, such as a pastor, youth director, campus ministry leader, or ministry supervisor who knows you well. The second must be a non-family personal reference who knows you well such as a teacher, church member, or coach.

For complete application instructions, as well as copies of the forms you’ll need to fill-in and submit, please download all 4 pdf documents linked below.

download – Scholarship Application Instructions
download – Scholarship Application form
download – Reference form – Christian
download – Reference form – Personal

All applications and supporting information are due no later than Sunday, April 28th at the church office. They may be mailed, hand-delivered, or e-mailed to