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Doing life together – what people are saying about Life Groups

People are saying being part of a life group helps:Collingswood Methodist Church

  • Connect Christians who may not have any members of their immediate family nearby (support).
  • Introduce people to one another who have only their life of faith in common and may never have met under any other circumstance (acceptance).
  • Promote spiritual maturity by giving Christians the opportunity to experience and grow in all the “one another” passages in the Bible on a regular basis (growth).
I love my life group because it:

  • Diminishes the “power distance” between people as they come to significantly know one another and to know each other’s life story (humility).
  • Makes more convenient the contact between believers who live in large, spread-out metropolitan areas (contact).
  • Provides the means to satisfy the human hunger to belong (belong).
Life groups – Doing Life Together

  • Are a place to learn what God is doing in the lives of others (encouragement).
  • Make large churches more relationally intimate and close (warmth).
  • Are a place where people want the best for you (hope).