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Our Purpose

We at First Church believe that ALL people matter to God, and that God desires to journey with us in a personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ, and we are to share about that journey with others too!


…to be a church where people at every stage of life can come and be spiritually encouraged and cared for so that they can also spiritually encourage others.

…to be a church where we can journey with those who are younger and older, in school and out of school, those with kids and without kids, those who work and are out of work and those who are retired.

…to be a church where “being” the church is more important than “doing” church… be a church that glorifies God and exalts the name of Christ in everything we do.

…to be a church that is more interested in where people are heading than in where they have been.

…to be a church that encourages people to take the “next step” of faith and maturity from whatever point they are at.

…to be a church where the healthy help the hurting and the hurting are becoming healthy.

…to be a church where the words “Where God’s Love Makes The Difference” is more than just a motto, it is a way of life.