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How Do I Get Connected?

At First United Methodist Church our desire is to be a group of people who are consistently and passionately “loving God, loving people, and connecting with our neighbors”.

So as you get connected in a Relationship With God, and in the life of this church community, our prayer is that you will grow with us in this lifestyle of loving God, loving people, and connecting with your neighbors:

Loving God

We invite you to get connected in one of our Worship Services on Sunday mornings. These help us understand, experience, and develop some of the central Core Values of our lives – the things that connect us with God, such as the Bible, prayer, and worship.

Loving People

We encourage you to join one of our Life Groups, where you can really connect and relate with other people. Part of the Core Values we believe is that life wasn’t meant to happen alone, but that true spiritual growth and holiness take place within good relationships.

Connecting With Our Neighbors

We want to help you discover and live out with us the crucial Core Values of welcoming, serving, and salvation. See, we believe this is not the end of a process, but just a step in a movement where people who love God and people connect with other people, to help them love God and people and connect with still others . . . you get the idea. As you grow with us, there are opportunities to develop your Spiritual Gifts, get plugged in to one of our many Ministry Opportunities, and learn how God wants to use you to help others discover a Relationship With God.

We Welcome You!!!

Loving God . . . Loving People . . . Connecting With Our Neighbors . . .